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La Verne and San Dimas Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Mixed Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In March

Building Balanced Lives through Physical Conditioning At San Dimas MMA!

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    Self-Defense - Gain the ability to defend yourself and loved ones at San Dimas MMA!

    Shihan Danny Trujillo and his staff have trained in a wide array of martial arts, originating from numerous countries and with different applications and philosophies. This broad scope allows Chozen to teach real world self defense. Taking the most practical techniques from the striking arts and the grappling arts (judo/ju-jitsu), we teach self defense that works in varying situations, for people of various body types. Male, female, short, tall, petite or sturdy, your Chozen training will give you the confidence to defend yourself, and the wisdom to know when and why.

    Stress Relief - Get Rid of the stress and anxiety that builds up each week during San Dimas MMA!

    Our San Dimas MMA program is popular with men and women who want to relieve stress from their lives. You'll enjoy a high-energy workout that burns off excess energy, built-up tension and promotes a sense of calmness and well being. Each class you'll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and better able to deal with the challenges of a new day.

    Getting Started is easy!

    Simply fill in your contact details and come in for a private introductory class with one of our excellent San Dimas MMA instructors.

    Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

    • Improve your appearance with toned and conditioned muscles
    • Strengthen your heart and lungs while increasing your daily energy level and burning calories.
    • Reduce the chance of injury and feel young and agile.

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