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Build Confidence and Character with Our Kids Karate Program!

Karate, while often seen as an offensive combat sport, has many untapped benefits in its regimented training style. We at  Chozen Martial Arts Academy have designed a program to maximize the positive, character-building aspects of Karate to help even younger children become more confident, physically fit, and mentally aware. Our Kids Karate programs place an emphasis on giving children lifelong tools for success, and our unique approach has been praised by families across La Verne! Just fill out the form on your screen, and see what our Kids Karate program can do for your child!

Benefits of Kids Karate

Our Kids Karate program is designed to instill kids with the core principles of Karate training, without the heavy emphasis on actual fighting. While our Kids Karate program teaches children a number of effective Karate techniques, our main focus as a studio is to:

  • Help Kids Build Confidence
  • Improve Physical Fitness
  • Teach Self-Defense Skills
  • Train Hand-Eye Coordination

And above all: Have fun!

Our Kids Karate program is crafted to give kids a great experience, while arming them with practical knowledge and improved physical capability. The purpose of Chozen Martial Arts Academy is to use Karate training in a way that will give even our youngest students an edge in their everyday endeavors, and cultivate the tools for success!

All of our Kids Karate programs place an emphasis on physical improvement and building confidence and ambition. No matter the age of our student, Chozen Martial Arts Academy guarantees a positive and fulfilling experience that is sure to leave your child more prepared to tackle challenges and strive for success!

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